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Where would you like your book submitted? We can submit your book to a wide variety of publishers. Many of our authors prefer submitting their books independently–but just as many would rather have us do all the work. We don’t mind; that’s why we’re here! :-)  To make sure we don’t accidentally miss an opportunity on your behalf, or double-submit to a site where you’ve already submitted, please take a moment to review the checkboxes below.

We can submit your book to any or all of the sites listed below, depending on your genre. Please click which sites you WOULD like us to submit to on your behalf.  Please note:  Stealth and Smashwords are both aggregate publishers who submit to sites like Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc.  If you do not select their sites, we will not submit to them or to their affiliate websites.  So please make your selections carefully. Thank you.

** This form is ONLY for non-adult fiction or non-fiction books.  If your book is primarily an erotica-based book, please use one of our other forms.  Thank you.  **

In what category(ies) would you like your book listed? (Please select all that fit)

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In order to protect minors from viewing inappropriate material, please specify whether this book contains language, situations, or images inappropriate for children under 18 years of age.

Author Name                                                                                              (Your Real Name)

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Name of Book

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Is this book available in print? If yes, where?

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Does your book need a cover?                                          Yes              No

(If yes, we can custom-design a high-quality cover for you at an extremely reasonable price.)

** Note:  All excerpts and descriptions must be formatted as paragraphs with a hard return between each paragraph.  Submissions that are not properly formatted will not be processed. Please copy descriptions and excerpts from a docx file, as text from a doc introduces unreadable character set codes that must be manually corrected.  Thank you for your understanding!

Please provide a book description of approximately 400 characters which will be used to submit your book to all selected websites.

Please provide a book excerpt of approximately 3,500 characters which will be used to submit your book to all selected websites.

If your book excerpt above contains explicit content, please provide a PC-compliant version which will be used to submit your book to all websites that require non-explicit content.

Please provide a list of keywords or phrases, no more than three words per phrase.  The most important ones should be listed first, as many sites will not accept more than 7 or 10 keywords.

Please submit your manuscript.  Preferred format is .docx.  This is required even if you choose to submit formatted files such as an epub, mobi, azw3, or pdf.

Optional files:





Please submit your book cover. Dimensions should be approximately 1576x2522 at 300 dpi. Png or jpg formats are preferred.




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If you have reviewed our Formatting Guide to ensure your book will be accepted by all affiliates, and your book is finished and ready to submit, please fill in the form below, attach the proper documents, and submit it to us.  Remember...the more information you can provide us, the more we can add to your book listing.