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Current genres include science fiction, paranormal, childrens' books, fictional romance, suspense thrillers, romance erotica, and "taboo" erotica that is forbidden by most mainstream publishers.

Many more categories will be added soon.

Our list of published authors is expanding quickly.

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Boruma Publishing was designed by authors, for authors, to meet the changing needs of today's publishing industry.

Gone are the stressful days of sending an unsolicited manuscript submission to hundreds of unknown agents, in the hope that at least one query letter would actually be read.

Today's budding authors have choices that were not available even five short years ago!

Boruma's goal is to help quality writers get published. To that end, we work with a wide range of large and small publishers...directly wherever possible, and through intermediate publishing houses where necessary.

Our list of authors is small, because "indie publishing" has been flooded with wannabe authors who can neither spell nor tell a good story. We accept only the best. If you think that means you, please contact us!

We are proud to represent these fine authors, and many others:

Franki McAllister

Jasen Flint
Jo Grant
K.C. Cave
Laura Lovecraft
Poppy Phoenix

Rowdy Jenkins

Secret Narrative
Suzie McLean
Tani Fredricks

Tasha Young

  ...and many more!

Adele Lee
Amelia Moore
Ana Lee
Becca Sinh

Catherine LaCroix

Charles E. Magness
Daniel Kay
Daniella Cerveny
Edwin Percy
Erin Fraser
Forrest Young



  ...and the list is always growing!

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