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Current genres include general fiction, non-fiction, science, fine arts, history, medicine, romance, science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, childrens' books, suspense thrillers, and erotica. All legal genres are welcome.

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Boruma Publishing was designed by authors, for authors, to meet the changing needs of today's publishing industry.

Gone are the stressful days of sending an unsolicited manuscript submission to hundreds of unknown agents, in the hope that at least one query letter would actually be read.

Today's budding authors have choices that were not available even five short years ago!

Boruma's goal is to help quality writers get published. To that end, we work with a wide range of large and small publishers...directly wherever possible, and through intermediate publishing firms where necessary.

"Indie publishing" has been flooded with wannabe authors who can neither spell nor tell a good story. We accept only the best. If you think that means you, please contact us!

The Top 10 Things All Authors Should Know About Amazon

...and the most important is...avoid Kindle Unlimited AT ALL COSTS!!! If you sign up with Kindle Exclusive, you will not be able to publish ANYWHERE else, under any circumstances, until your contract with Kindle ends…and as usual, they’ve changed the rules mid-stream to cheat you of your hard-earned royalties. Placing all your eggs in one basket is foolhardy at the best of times, and downright suicidal when Amazon is holding the basket!

Editing - Why Not To Do-It-Yourself

Some extremely good information here. This article applies to everyone, even grammar snobs.  LOL

How To Know If You Really Are A Writer

Funny, but so accurate! Well worth reading!

Regarding Sex Scenes in the Fanfic World - A rather raunchy but absolutely HILARIOUS list of Do’s and Don’ts for erotica writers...a must-read that will make you laugh until your ribs ache...but leave you thinking!

Why Self-Promotion As An Author Doesn’t Work (and other excellent articles) - A Big-Six author explains why social media just doesn’t work, and provides better alternatives to becoming well-known.





Timeless Erotica

Before you submit your e-book, please review our hints for proper formatting. These easy tips will make your book stand out from the rest--and make our job a lot easier, too!

Self-Promotion using Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. - If you have the time to set it up and maintain it, this procedure can be a very successful way to promote your books and build a loyal fan base.  Click here for more details.

Royalty Payments 101 - Beginning authors are often confused by how royalty payments really work. Click here to learn the ins and outs of publishing with multiple affiliates, so that your monthly paycheck makes sense!

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...and the list is always growing!